Executive Director


Mr. Nasseradin Bahar Abdullah, Executive Director, during the 10 years work with many different local and international NGOs helping refugees in the camps. These NGOs includes UNHCR, UNESCO. ICRC, WFP, Overseas Processing Entity, Australian High Commission, Join Voluntary Agency, US Refugee Program and Church World Service. Nasseradin also worked in leadership positions with the refugee communities that consist of 9 different nationalities. This includes Sudan, Chad, the Central African Republic, Congo, Togo, Ivory Coast, Sira Leon, and Liberia. Mr. Nasseradin gained a lot of experiences working with refugee, and he received numerous recognition awards from his voluntary service. His commitment and dedication of supporting refugee families, made him more knowledgeable of refugee life. Nasseradin worked with the following organizations in Canada and overseas:

  • Refugee Settlement Service -Toronto -2018-2020
  • YMCA of Greater Toronto -2015 -2017
  • Neighbourhood Watch Team -2006-2013
  • Join Voluntary Agency and the US Refugee Program-2010-2012.
  • Women’s Initiative for Self Employment (WISE) -2008-2012
  • Church World Service -2008-2012
  • UNHCR -2003-2012
  • Australian High Mission Accra, Ghana -2006-2007